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Grav.id is the trusted wallet that offers the security of a self-custodial system, empowering users to store their data locally, manage membership, set up business accounts, provide enhanced services, and engage with meaningful communities - all in one easy-to-use platform.

Popular Solutions

Our free demo will illustrate how Grav.id can help with:

verifiedSetting up your business, whether you are in the supply chain or hospitality, and providing solutions for your product or service.

verifiedSecurity and privacy, where regulatory compliance is made effortless, exceeding industry standards in user consent and data security.

verifiedCreation of services that gather user-approved and accurate data from your community.

verifiedElevated engagement of the audience with rewards and promotions, which are easier to unlock.

verifiedCultivating a community and hearing directly from your users by creating your business' community page.

verifiedQR codes leveraging Self-Sovereign Identity tech for a user-friendly and efficient way to interact with your audience.

verifiedFraud proof verification where KYC (Know Your Customer) and other identity verifications are made simple.

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Our Partners trust our software and the mission to build a more secure, private, and decentralized ecosystem, empowering individuals, businesses, and educational institutions worldwide through transformational blockchain technology.

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